If you can read this, you got the aspLite custom 404 catcher (enabling userfriendly urls) to work (*). This is great. A whole new world opens up now. You can use an unlimited number of imaginary folders and subfolders(**) for your web application. You would typically store important information in them, like "/category/products/productname". This way you can create very good SEO urls. The 4 buttons below will lead you to 4 different "pages" of this application. Please note that we're always (and only) executing "default.asp" in the root of this aspLite installation.

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(*) when using this technique, you technically are no longer building a Single Page Application, as every url will reload the entire page
(**) when subfolders are used, be careful to add forward slashes ("/") to all your links. If you don't, paths to scripts, images and css files will break

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